What Would I Do?

Computing graduates get jobs in

  • Software companies.
  • Hardware companies.
  • Any company that runs computers (i.e. all).
  • Government and Local Government.
  • Broadcasting and the press.

… pretty much anywhere.

They use their technical skills.

They use hybrid skills.

They start on good salaries that get better fast.

Featured Video: Becoming a Computer Scientist

...is easy. A very good way is to aim to get a degree in Computing.

Every university offers something suitable.

  • It may be called Computer Science, Informatics, or something similar.
  • It may be combined with another subject like maths, physics, music or a foreign language. Many employers find these combinations very attractive.
  • Sometimes these courses need you to have done advanced maths. A science background is good, but strict subject prerequisites are few

Computer Scientists learn how the engine works, not how to drive the car.

They can tell you the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web.

They aren't impressed by your new digital device, but they can tell you what will be in the shop next year.